Steve and I are on a mission to invest in the generations coming along behind us. There is a great story of how that came to be, and one day, we’ll tell you all about it.  Suffice it to say that we are inspired and want to encourage everyone we know to come along with us. It is a WIN-WIN for everyone, I promise.

There are so many of us, in this silver season of life, that have traveled down the road a piece and have stumbled upon a myriad of experiences in our life’s journey.  We all have a full treasure chest of experiences.  Those that gained us wisdom… either what TO do or what NOT to do. Both are equally valuable.  We know that some of you are already out there POURING and we say, “Well Done YOU!” But if you’re not, we implore, beseech, entreat, and beg you to intentionally ponder how you can begin that internal conversation with yourself and take action. We want to infect you with our passion and we want it to be highly contagious!! Never more in our lifetimes have we seen such division and hatred toward our fellow man. Marriages are failing , families are falling apart, and children are the casualties. We can keep talking about it OR we can be part of the solution.  It is time for us to step forward and intentionally invest in the generations that are coming behind us. Please link arms!

Anyone can POUR, we know that and hope that they will, but this is aimed at our generation…the Baby Boomers…all 75 MILLION of us. We will be giving encouragement, suggestions, ideas, and whatever else we can think of to recruit newbies to walk along the path with us. We know that we are asking you to give something extremely precious….your time and your experiences….more valuable than gold.  Those coming behind deserve to have you share it.  Just POUR!!!