i do…

We recently attended the wedding of one of the young couples that we mentored.  It was heartwarming on every possible level.  It was humbling to know that we were able to share in their journey.  It was refreshing see the love that they displayed toward each other.  It was hopeful to hear their vows of commitment to a lifetime of oneness.  It was inspiring to hear the Biblical directives for the covenant of marriage.

As you get older, the wedding invitations tend to pile up and sometimes it may be your inclination to send your regrets.  I encourage you to go to every single ceremony to which you are invited to attend.  This is a wonderful form of medicine for your own marriage.  We all desperately need those healthy reminders…no matter the longevity of your time together.  We need to be taken back to the alter frequently so that we, too, can renew our displays of love for each other, our vows of commitment, and the covenants to which we are bound.

As mentors pouring out, we need to also be poured into.  We need a full cup to be able to refresh others.  I look at my wedding ring today which I have heard symbolizes the circle of eternal love.  I love that thought!  However, I feel it gives a rather happily ever after connotation to it.   We all know real life is not a fairy tale.  Our rings, mine and his, more importantly represent the reminder for dedication and commitment to our relationship… over and over again.  It is never ending just like the circle that it is.  We have to keep working and growing with each other ad infinitum.  We need never to forget what love requires of us.

So, go to all those weddings my friends and remember where it all began when you said those two important words,  I do.  Then…….JUST POUR!