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There is somebody coming behind you.  It doesn’t matter who you are parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, coaches, and employers.  You have a sphere of influence.  Please don’t ignore it!  The next generation has their eyes on you.  We have a responsibility to do everything we can do to leave this place better than we found it.  We must take what we have and leverage it to help the next generation.  We heard a great message about this very topic after we launched this website.  It was perfectly timed to infuse us with even more enthusiasm to POUR.   We feel like we have been drinking from a fire hose of goodness!!  It gave us some very interesting information that we would like to share.

Dr. Tim Elmore is the founder of Growing Leaders.  He and his team provide public schools, universities, civic organizations, and corporations with resources that foster the growth of young leaders who can transform society.  He is committed to equipping the next generation to WIN.  We have one of his books in our Resources section, which we have already ordered for ourselves:  Generation iY

Anyway, Dr. Elmore says that we are living in a time period where there are six distinct generations, all with their own descriptive personalities.  What we found to be most interesting was that with the onset of the 21st century, these emerging generations no longer needed adults to get their information.  A technological superhighway of information was literally at their fingertips.  What they DID need, however, was an adult to help them interpret that information and frame it into a set of life skills that would allow them to become the best version of themselves.  Dr. Elmore displayed a very impressive chart during his talk.  On that chart, he described the scene of the world that we live in today, and how each of these factors might be perceived by the younger generations.

Our world today involves:                                              Assumptions to be made by Generations XYZ:

S = Speed                                                                            Slow is Bad

C = Convenience                                                              Hard is Bad

E = Entertainment                                                           Boring is Bad

N = Nurture                                                                        Risk is Bad

E = Entitlement                                                                 Labor is Bad


We have created the world in which we live.  All of those things in the left column are GOOD, but IF those are the assumptions made by our youth, then we have lost something very valuable in the process.  If you look at the right column, all of those are things help to grow you, mature you, cause you to think, and work hard. When things are slow, we build patience.  We take time to pay attention to the details.  We have the opportunity to savor.  When things are hard, we have the opportunity to problem-solve and learn perseverance. When we are bored and are not being bombarded by the noise around us, we have the opportunity to think, ponder, and act instead of be acted upon. Researchers have done some interesting studies on boredom.  It was found that when people are bored, they become more empathetic and creative.  When we take risks, of possible failure, we learn and stretch our boundaries, exceed expectations, and find what we are capable of being.  And goodness knows, we all realize that when we labor for something, it is much more satisfying than having it given to us.  It builds our self-esteem in ways that being told we are wonderful is just not able to do.  In hindsight, maybe we shouldn’t have handed out all those participation trophies and certificates we showered our kids within their formative years.

Rather than complain about the youth and their assumptive outlook that we fostered, let’s become the solution!  We now have a huge responsibility and a job to do.  Our work is cut out for us.  Dr. Elmore had some other pearls of wisdom.  Dont’ think control, think connect.  Don’t think lecture, think lab.  So walk along side those into whom you wish to pour and find your connection, and help to give them safe spaces, just like a lab, to help them learn what you may have to teach.  Y’all, this is exciting stuff!   Ponder it and then……..just POUR!!!!



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