it’s a…

Just when you think that you are doing a good thing for someone else, you will soon discover immeasurably more is returned to you.  Saying yes to POURING, even when you feel ill equipped, results in opening the door for Blessings to go both ways,  I promise!

Most of our attempts at Pouring have been with young couples.  One thing that Steve and I have found to be true is that pouring into others has resulted in us being filled in ways we never could have possibly imagined.  We have been strengthened as we walk alongside the younger generations.  We’ve been inspired and encouraged through our conversations with them.  These conversations sparked self-reflection and re-evaluation for usWe have gained new perspectives offered by a generational view that is different from our own.  We have discovered that things worth having are worth working for each and every day… no matter your age or stage.

The ripple effect of paying it forward affects us all. In helping a young person to feel their worth, or helping a college student to navigate their future with a long term path in mind,  or sparking conversations for a young couple to have prior to marriage to set them up for success, or assuring young parents that their insecurities about caring for their littles is normal and shared by all parents, is a domino effect in the best possible sense.   We can be agents for building stronger marriages which will build secure families for children to thrive and grow, which in turn will build stronger communities, stronger nations and a stronger world.  The more folks we have invested in pouring, the faster we can build a better world where we all WIN.

Just POUR!!


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