Does that number mean anything to you?   Does it make you remember an age? a stage? a song? Or perhaps you are a really big Johnny Unitas fan?  It’s a really random awkward number.  Why not 18 or 20 or better yet 22, my favorite number!!   It’s a little more than a carton of eggs, probably less than the pieces of laundry lying on your floor to wash , or maybe how many M & M’s you ate because it’s almost Halloween (no judgement here)!

That number has meaning for me, and I will always have it stuck in my head.  I really want to remember it.  Here’s why.  It took 19 men to change our world forever.  They did it in a single day.   If you lived in both the pre and post 9-11 worlds, you know what I am talking about.  It has always been incredulous to me that it only took 19.  And then I thought if 19 change our world for BAD, what could 19 people to do to change for GOOD!  What could more than 19 do? Let’s find out…

Did you know that there are just shy of 75 MILLION baby boomers out there running around now.  That is a 75 with 6 zeros behind it….waaay more than 19.  Most have reached the life stage of being empty-nesters, or retirement, or otherwise finding a lot of free time on their hands.  Look what 19 did.  What could WE do with our generational army!  Let that thought rest in your brain for a wee second and then make your decision.  And just for the record, we invite any other generation that wants to join in because there is always someone coming along behind you.  Just POUR Y’all!



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